Show me the way

My distrust and dislike of our President was at its absolute height when he failed to acknowledge ANY wrongdoing on his call with the Ukraine post impeachment "acquittal". But he never fails to kick it up a notch. Now he's intervened with the courts in the sentencing of his buddy, Roger Stone. (Check the Netflix documentary "Get Me Roger Stone.")

And here is where it gets tricky. Now my loathing of Trump influences my business decisions. Good or bad, right or wrong, I don't want vendors or customers who love this guy. If it costs me money, so be it. Last night I asked a potential vendor about the issue and the answer was that "He is an intelligent businessman". I defy anyone to show me how he made shrewd business moves that didn't involve his inheritance or his brand persona. These are just facts ( so all I ask are facts that refute these and I'm open to at least saying he might know about business, but he certainly has no empathy and no compassion and he's still a crook and where the heck are his tax returns??


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