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What is ur blog address? I appreciate input on any subject from one who is obviously more intelligent than average. TKU

Greg Long

I am not interested in your political views .. you are guaranteed to tick off half the country either way. Please just update on the product .. spread your activism some other way .. please


I am so frustrated with these so-called ‘updates’. I am only interested in the status of your project. Not your every thought. Now you are injecting politics which should be completely verboten in this venue considering the contentious times we are in.


These updates are getting ridiculous. I don’t need a daily blog to read. I need substantive updates on the project. I don’t want to unsubscribe and miss something, but this stuff is adding nothing of value. It belongs in a blog, not a project update.

These are the comments my "update" received today. Admittedly, my daily posts are more often than not ruminations and NOT updates. I've tried to alert everyone by using (UPDATE) in specific project news as opposed to my whimsical random thoughts which I primarily share to try and show anyone reading how the process of an inventive mind works. My inventions are not really my own. They are gifts from God that I merely imbue. Always when I post I try to impart some of what I've learned in 64 years to YOU so that maybe it helps unbind you from a stuck place or makes you laugh or think.

Alas, today I stepped on the third rail. For those of you who don't live in a big city, the third rail is the one on a public transit train that is so electrified that touching it will probably kill you. The nasty sentiments expressed today forced me to think that I should really move my personal thoughts away from the project, and so I have. It feels in part sad and in part liberating because every morning I angst over my writing, wanting you to enjoy our product, wanting to share with you, but worried that I will anger a potential customer.

Let's be clear on my analogy about bad calls in sports and cheating as well as the use of bifurcation of our laws and then misrepresenting these rules. Nowhere did I say that I preferred the New Orleans Saints to the LA Rams nor did I say that the blue team in Washington was playing more fairly than the red one. What I said was the process confuses and frustrates me. You who chose to see that as partisan must feel guilty about your team. Why can't we discuss politics civilly without angering half the country? Is there something more urgent?

If we want America to really be great now or ever or again we need to look at the difference between sports and politics. They both have rules, but only one really matters. Sports is entertainment, not life or death decision making. If we want to be a better nation we need to discuss our political divide, not avoid it and we need to work together to achieve solutions that are good for all of us, not some of us, and certainly not, like sports, to crown a winner.

I am really sorry I upset some of you, but I am encouraged that most of you seem to want me not only to build you a great product but also want to take the journey to the WHY and the HOW of what we do. So I shall keep my posts that update the project on Indiegogo and I shall write here every day to keep my promise. I'm really sorry to have to split your path and make you do double work, but honestly, I want reading this to be your choice, not something I forced on you by virtue of a purchase. And if my politics offend you enough that you want a refund, just ask. Of course that will reveal that despite your stated objection to my rants, you read this anyhow.

And finally, I will say this proudly. I am a Liberal Democrat. Have been my whole life. Someone close to me recently said that they had to support the Republican Party because they are fighting to keep abortions from happening. My Catholic friend has a strong antipathy about this subject and my counterpoint would be that NOBODY is pro-abortion. Not the woman having the procedure, not the man who is the father, not the doctor who is doing the procedure, and not the public. I don't have a friend who favors abortion, just friends who understand that religion is not the law of our land, voting and Congress and The Constitution are.

It is tragic and horrible when a woman or a couple decide that abortion (for health or economic or other reasons) is the only option they have, but alas, it is their legal right to do so. And I agree with my friend, if you want abortion made illegal, be a Republican and fight to make abortion illegal as it is a part of your platform, not ours. We think women should choose.

I could make a list of many other platform differences that make being a Democrat a no-brainer for me, but I respect your right to have your own "advocacy platform" and say whatever you want under the First Amendment. Even if I disagree with your thinking, I'll defend to my death your right to say it. Here is a great podcast about how important rules are

Clearly the referees are cheating and The President of The United States is getting away with murder.


"Sometimes, reading a blog, which I do infrequently, I see that generations of Americans have been wilfully crippled, and can no longer spell or write a sentence."

Alice Walker

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