It can be very lonely (even in an office full of people) to build something. My very patient wife and dog are instrumental in my ability to deliver and work and be on time. But none of it matters if I don't get all the fantastic positive feedback from all of you. I appreciate it, and it means a lot to me, I wish I could take each of you who take the time to write to me for lunch.

My office is at a shared work facility called mHUB, which is like WeWork, except it has full shop facilities to build anything. It has a woodshop, a metal shop, professional 3D printers, and much more. You can visit their website at Everyone at mHUB is trying to build something meaningful. We support one another and even use each other as vendors. I have used industrial designs and made my videos and website with mHUB helpers. It's a great place.

Ironically, it was a factory for Motorola back in the old flip-phone days. The factory had four lines with compressed air, electricity, and ample "stuff" to make lots of phones. When Lenovo bought the Motorola phone business, the mHUB principals took the building and made it into a shared space. For as little as $350/month, you can have access to these significant assets 24/7/365. Remarkable. I keep telling the owners that I am going to buy the building and make castAway™ cases here in Chicago!

Also, I want everyone here to know that I have been very fortunate in business but have also been bankrupt. I am rebuilding my life, and my career at age 64, so take heart, anything is possible if you keep trying!


"Researches at Yale found a connection between brain cancer and work environment. The No. 1 most dangerous job for developing brain cancer? Plutonium hat model."

Jimmy Fallon

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